Reach 150



Reach150 is a highly-integrated recommendation platform that we are proud to offer as an included NextHome member benefit. These recommendations can come from anyone in your sphere, not just past clients, making the process of collecting recommendations a breeze. These recommendations can be easily included on your agent and office websites, in your listing and buyer presentations, on your SmartZip lead capture landing pages, and are easily shared on social media to help you gain credibility with your sphere.

You are in complete control of what recommendations get displayed on your Reach150 profile. If anything ever comes back poorly written, you can hide it to ensure your sphere will only see the best of what people have to say about you.

Do you have any previous recommendations on other platforms (Zillow, Yelp, Google, etc.) that you would like to have added to your Reach150 profile? No problem! Just complete the sheet HERE, return it to and they will handle the rest.

For additional information on Reach150 and all of its great benefits, please visit our training library here.