NextHome CRM

NextHome’s CRM Program

Welcome to NextHome’s proprietary CRM (Client Relationship Management for those in the know).
Part of the power of NextHome is our ability to streamline your process through integration. We help you focus on your clients and not get stuck in the managing of different systems. In order for us to provide that at the highest levels, we had to build our own CRM and be the industry’s first, fully integrated hub and spoke CRM model.

What is a “hub and spoke” CRM model? Visualize a CRM that plugs in with a myriad of tools to allow you to grow and diversify your business. All of them communicating and sharing data so you have everything in one place. The “hub” is your home base to manage your contacts, reminders and email communications. Our “spokes” are not integrated yet but that is where we are heading.

For now, you have a basic and functional CRM so you can have all your contacts in one place, market to them and manage your follow up plans.

Steps to get started:

  1. Collect and organize your contact list into the approved CSV file. Click this LINK to download a sample file.

  2. To activate your CRM account, click on the “CRM” Quick Link on the left hand side.

  3. Load your contact CSV file under the “Contacts” tab using the “Import Contacts” button.

  4. Check out our prepared email Templates or create your own.

  5. Check out our prepared Actions Plans or design your own.

  6. Apply an Action Plan to your Groups.

  7. Organize your contact into Groups BUT add contacts slowly into the Group (ex. 5-10 a day). If you add all contacts to one Group at the same time, they will be on the same Action Plan timeline. Notifications can be overwhelming if you have all contacts on the same timeline.

  8. Add “Tags” to your contacts for additional ways to market to them.