Docusign with DTR

DocuSign DTR & eSign

NextHome has partnered with DocuSign to provide you their transaction management system, DocuSign Transaction Room and eSignature component. Learn how this will organize your office by creating task list templates, streamline your transactions and much more.

CLICK HERE to check out our training video library and learn how to utilize this powerful tool to manage your transactions and provide structure and accountability to your agents. We will cover setting up your accounts, building templates for efficiencies, linking it to your DocuSign eSignature account, integrating with zipForms, managing the life of the transaction including the final file approval process.

This is an included member benefit! If you are already paying for DocuSign, it’s time to stop! Click on this LINK to download the step-by-step instructions on how to downgrade your existing, individual pre-paid DocuSign eSignature account and request a prorated refund from DocuSign. Enjoy using your NextHome account going forward. **Please note: This potential refund does not apply to corporate or brokerage accounts.**